About My Mom… The Reviews Are In

Just hung up with Mom. She’s very excited. Her book has started to ship, and “My Little Facebook Fans” are beginning to weigh in. (My father is reading these out loud like a newscaster as my mother makes breakfast. Quite a scene…)

“I could not put this book down. I laughed, I cried, it was amazing. Such a wonderful gift from her to us all and a wonderful gift to her from you for publishing it. Those who passed up publishing it are idiots.” – Wendy Bryan

“When your Nana started stripping in the Macy’s, I snorted like a pig.” – Claire Parsons

“Your mother is the next Erma Bombeck.” – Darren Simms

“Oh my gosh, the first chapter is the funniest thing I’ve ever read. I love it so much! Can’t wait to read the rest!” – Janice Owens

“I received your Mom’s book in the mail yesterday. LOVE it. Your grandmother was quite a woman!” – Laurie Cannon‎

“Somewhere, a giant publishing house is kicking itself.” – Cassie Frank

“The Foreword is sooo good, I was afraid the book itself would be upstaged. I was wrong. Your mother is a terrific writer.” – Marcie Sands

‎”I got your Mom’s book in the mail yesterday and I just finished it. It brought both laughter and tears. I loved it!” 
– Kathy Fuller‎

“As a father, I absolutely loved “About My Mother.” – Brent Packard

“Can I pre-oder the sequel now?” – Jill Ferris

“I just “spent” the last couple of days with Mike Rowe’s grandmother. I laughed so hard I had to explain myself to my husband! The love expressed for the Orioles mirrored my own mother’s love for her Kansas City Royals, (minus the underwear!”) – Edna Smith Dolbeare‎

“My first laugh out loud moment was of Topper knocking himself out cold! Mrs. Rowe, you are an excellent writer and I do believe I will finish reading your book in just one sitting. Love it!” – Cindy Freeman Allen‎

“Loved the forward! Loved the first chapter! I could read the whole book in one sitting but I have to get ready to go to my High School 50th Reunion! Tell your Mother thanks from one of your little FB friends!” – Barbara Wilkerson Mabry‎

“Your Mom’s stories brought laughter and tears. As I read her words, it was like I stepped back in time and was an invisible observer.” – Dee Frank‎

Thanks for these, sincerely. It’s such a kick. You can also post reviews on the eBay page, if you’re so inclined.

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