Off The Wall: Makenna’s Mom is Leaking

“Mike – Why do you make commercials? Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad you do. The one where you get your parents to admit they pee their pants is the funniest thing I’ve seen since you mother lost her big blue purse down at the Walmart. I was just wondering if you do it for the money or for the fun?” Milford Balaban

Hi Milford

I could tell you I make commercials because they’re fun, because that’s the truth. But it’s also true that I wouldn’t do them for free. So I guess the answer is both.

Honestly though, at this point, I wouldn’t make a commercial if it wasn’t fun, or for a product that I don’t personally use. That’s not because I’m pure of heart; it’s because I can afford to be a lot more discriminating than I was in the days of QVC. Anyway, you’re right about these latest spots with my parents – they were a kick. Here’s another one that came out of that same shoot.

The kid is the daughter of my business partner, Mary. Her name is Makenna, and she’s a pistol. Makenna thinks she might want to work in front of the camera one day, so Mary brought her along to see what an actual shoot looks like. After we filmed the primary spot with my parents, I invited Makenna to sit on the couch and improvise a scene with me. I said, “Imagine your friends find out your mom’s a leaker.”

Personally, I think she killed it. But don’t tell her I said so. The kid will send me a bill…

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