Off The Wall: Something to Stand For

Mr. Rowe –

I teach social studies at a middle-school in Illinois. After the SOTU speech, one of my students asked me why so many in the chamber refused to stand when the president made reference to our flag and the national anthem. I answered the question as honestly as I could. Then I played for the class a short story you posted last year called “Something to Stand For.”

I want to encourage other teachers to use your story in the same way. It stimulated the exact kind of conversation every teacher hopes to encourage. I’d also like to suggest you re-post it today, given the confusion that still seems alive and well in the NFL. Thanks for all you do. Jay Madsen.

Thanks, Jay. I’m flattered. Consider it “an alternative half-time show.”


PS Interesting match-up, don’t you think? A team named for the men who founded our country, squaring off against a team named for the symbol of America. Hard to know who to root against…

The Way I Heard It – Episode 60: Something To Stand For

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