To Help Katie & Girls Build

Returning the Favor is – in part anyway – a respite from bad news. We highlight the existence of better-than-average people doing better-than-average things. Unfortunately, we can do nothing to change the fact that scumbags still walk the earth. Yesterday, several such swine crawled out from under the rocks they call home, and broke into the trailer we gave Katie Hughes. There, they proceeded to ransack the interior, destroying cabinetry and mountings, and stealing tens of thousands of dollars of new tools and supplies necessary to help introduce young girls to a career in the construction trades. Last night, the burglary was headline news in Portland.

So – before I ask for your assistance in correcting this outrage, please take a moment and implore whatever higher power you worship to hasten the arrest of these gutless dirt-bags. And if you’re in the Portland area, please keep an ear to the ground for anyone trying to sell a bunch of brand new power tools on the street. Seriously, what kind of cowardly creep robs a non-profit? What kind of wretched sub-human tries to steal the future from little girls? Come on, Portland – let’s find these vermin so that they may be publicly humiliated and brought to justice with all due speed.

There. I feel marginally better. Now, please join me in helping correct the problem. Over the last few months, many of you have asked how you might further assist those people we feature on this show. Well, here’s your chance. If you’d like to help replace that which was taken, here’s a link on the Girls Build website where you can donate.

If you’d prefer to give through mikeroweWORKS and earmark your donation for Girls Build, you can email me at I’ll see it gets to the right place. Just reference Girls Build in the subject line.

In the meantime, I want to invite those of you haven’t seen Katie’s segment to watch it below, and get a sense of why her program is worth supporting. Also – I want to thank Tooey Courtemanche, the CEO over at Procore. Tooey was with me last night when I got the news, and today – during a live-stream event at his headquarters in Santa Barbara – he offered $5,000 to get the ball rolling. Much obliged, Tooey.

Finally, to Katie and her girls and all the volunteers – don’t despair. Creeps and cretins walk among us – that will never change. But good people are always standing by to push back and make things right. You’ll see.

More later –

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