Nominate a Hard Hat Hero so We can Party in Santa Barbara

So…this is happening. A company called Procore Technologies, who happens to sponsor my podcast, is conducting a contest of sorts to locate a “Hard Hat Hero.” I’ve agreed to help.

As we speak, people from coast to coast are nominating individuals in hard hats who have done something heroic on the job site. The video with the most votes get what can only be described as a fantastic prize – specifically, a trip for four to Santa Barbara to see me do something on a stage of some sort, or maybe a platform, (or possibly a large stump.) Details are here, along with the rules of entry.

The attached video features me, repeating much of what I just told you from a lonesome hotel room in Albuquerque, which – apropos of nothing – is the only town in America I can’t seem to spell without assistance. Please watch it. Pleas hang on to every word. Then, please nominate a hard hat hero so we can party in Santa Barbara.


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