Cautionary Spin ~ Local News, a Boy, and an unlikely Hero

Off The Wall

Megan Albro posted this on my wall, and I’m eternally grateful. With the possible exception of QVC at 3am, few things are more consistently entertaining than local news, and this story is a gem. There’s just so much to love beyond the basic facts of the narrative. The urgency of the anchors, the earnestness of the correspondent, the fragility of the boy, the humility of the hero, a mother’s love, an unexpected cameo by Adam Savage from The Mythbusters, and the driving drama of a music score unlike anything I’ve heard in a local news story. Epic stuff. Mostly though, it’s the fact that I found one of these baffling devices on the street yesterday, and for reasons I can’t explain, picked it up out of the gutter and brought it home with me. I didn’t know why then, but now I do – to better allow me to share the weirdest cautionary tale ever…

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