My Favorite Part of the Pacific Northwest ~ Coffee Stands


Dear Mike. You fascinate me. Where are you today? What are you doing right this minute? I hate to pry, but I gotta know.

Donna Wells

Hi there, Donna. I’m flattered to be the object of your curiosity. Currently, I’m outside of Seattle, enjoying my favorite part of the Pacific Northwest – coffee stands. This one is excellent. It’s called Trailside Espresso. To keep up appearances, I’d like to tell you I’m enjoying a cup of black coffee. But actually, it’s a toffee-nut mocha. Please don’t tell anyone.21034350_1641407302536073_8199593876806989985_n

The java here really is remarkable, and indispensable when trying to shoot a television show in the late afternoon sun. So, next time you’re in South Prairie WA, and feel the pressing need for a nap you simply can’t afford to take, stop by Trailside. I’m not sure, but I think it’s owned by a crab boat Captain named Mike England. Could be wrong. Maybe he’s just their best customer? His boat is in the front window though, so I’m guessing he’s the proprietor.

Anyway, ask for Kim. S21034400_1641401682536635_5707989843079014591_nhe’s sweet, and wise enough to request a selfie that included her bosses coffee shack in the background. Smart girl. Probably due for a raise..

Mike’s Facebook Page21105854_1641401662536637_402733971247040234_n