The Miracle in Manhattan

Full disclosure – I haven’t followed professional sports since The Colts fled Baltimore, and the Browns fled Cleveland. Not closely, anyway. (It’s possible I may still harbor some residual bitterness for the unthinkably crass fashion in which loyal fans were completely and utterly disregarded by hundreds of millionaires who don’t seem to care about those most responsible for their good fortune. Not likely, but possible.)

Either way, with regard to football, I’m happy to say that one of the greatest comeback stories of all time has finally been documented by my old friend Dan Youngman, who used to work with me on Somebody’s Gotta Do It. For years, Dan has been determined to tell the true story of what happened at Kansas State University, back when they were without question, the worst team in the history of the sport. I know the story, and I was happy to narrate the film. Because as far as I’m concerned, the man who turned it around should be a household word. What Bill Snyder did, was completely transform a team, and quite possibly save the University. How he did it, is a study in leadership, patience, discipline, and true grit.

This is an amazing story, and if you live in Kansas, or been to Kansas, or flown over Kansas, or watched The Wizard of Oz, you should consider going to the premiere – especially if you’re in Kansas on April 22nd. Tickets are going fast.

In the meantime, where did the Colts go again?
I forget…


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