Bill Whittle

There’s not a lot to hope for when strolling through LAX, but every so often my eternal optimism is rewarded with a chance encounter worth documenting. This is Bill Whittle, a man whose work I have admired for years. Apparently, he admires mine as well, which is flattering, and further proof of his elevated taste and great sophistication.

If you haven’t seen Bill’s videos, and you’re not put off by a man who knows precisely what he believes and why, google “Firewall” and/or “Afterburner.” You may not agree with everything he says, but you’ll be impressed with his logic, his passion, and his willingness to put himself out there with a point of view that’s backed up with something more than the usual exasperation and righteous indignation. Facts, in other words.

PS. This is what I look like when I stay up all night..

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