If the World Cooperates You’ll See Me on Fox

Good Morning. Yesterday, circumstances conspired to compromise my credibility on this page in ways that demand an explanation.

First of all, I invited you all to watch me discuss my work ethic scholarship program on Tucker Carlson’s show. Breaking news however, made that impossible, leaving millions to conclude that some things are more important than me. Hard to imagine, yet undeniable. Apologies.

Secondly, on my podcast, I invited you to get a free copy of “Economics in One Lesson” at FEE.org/mrw. While I’d like to tell you the power of my recommendation crashed their site, the truth is, they were not expecting me to announce this fabulous give-away until this morning. Thus, thousands of you rushed over to a non-existent url to get a free copy of a fantastic book that wasn’t available. Well, it is now – unless of course they’re all gone by the time you get there. Which will give me something else to apologize for later.

I’d love to chat, but I’m running over to FOX right now to appear on several other shows. The plan is to discuss my work ethic scholarship program. If the world cooperates…I’ll see you there. Otherwise, apologies in advance…


PS. In other news, Meet Jim and Dave. I ran into them on 57th Street late last night, preparing to descend into this hole in order to repair one a million busted cables. Civilization really is connected by pipes. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

PPS. Yes, I’m a lousy photographer.

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