Dirty Talk with Mike Rowe ~ Sept. 24th!

Once upon a time, (not sure exactly when,) I was lowered from the rafters of The Lyric Opera House dressed as Michael The Archangel. My job in that particular production, (not sure exactly which,) was to look as pious as possible while gathering a famous soprano into my arms, (not sure exactly who,) and hoist her heavenward as she continued to sing at the top of her considerable lungs.
It was not the strangest thing I did at The Lyric Opera House – far from it – but it is perhaps the most damning – at least from a photographic standpoint. Now, after a thirty year hiatus, it appears I’m returning to The Lyric Stage for something a bit less dramatic, but no less memorable. Specifically, a “Dirty Talk with Mike Rowe,” on the evening of September 24th, in my hometown of Baltimore.

While the specifics have yet to be determined, it’s unlikely I’ll be arriving in costume or bursting into song, but you never know. If the past is any indicator, it’s more likely I’ll sit on a stool, sip a beer, tell a few stories from my misspent career, and answer your always provocative questions until management forces me off the stage. One things for sure – they’ll be a lot less hair.

Tickets go on sale June 10th, but I thought it would be fitting to give you guys first crack. Friends of this page are invited to email me at news@mikeroweWORKS.com. I’ll send you a code for advance purchases starting June 6th at noon.

If you can’t make Baltimore, but would like to be kept up to date on appearances, shows, podcasts, foundation stuff, and various other things that keep me occupied these days, email me anyway so we know how to reach you. I promise not to spam you with time share opportunities or paid political messages.

Michael (No Longer An Archangel)

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