Say hi to Lauren

Lauren works for a company called Ultimate Software. They do something magical with computers that allows HR and Payroll Departments in various companies to be more Mike Rowe - Ultimate Softwareefficient at whatever it is HR and Payroll Departments do. Anyway, it was Lauren who suggested to her bosses that they hire me to give the keynote at Ultimate Software, Inc., a giant meeting currently underway at The Bellagio Hotel here in scenic Las Vegas, where thousands of their most important customers have gathered to discussMike Rowe - Ultimate Software the importance of “engagement.”

Naturally, I filled my allotted time with true stories of exploding toilets, misadventures in animal husbandry, artificial insemination, and various tales featuring feces from every species. Personally, I thought it was pretty engaging!

But I’m pretty sure Lauren is updating her resume…

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