Another week, another magazine, another cover

I know it’s tiresome for those of you already familiar with my smack, but here’s another article bursting with nice things about your humble host. Moreover, it’s an excellent example of persistence that goes far beyond mere reportage.

The writer, Tamar Fleishman, is a friend of this page. She contacted me a year ago, and requested an interview for a very small publication called GI Money. I told her I couldn’t, (even though I’m a big fan of both GI’s and money.) Things were so damn busy I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. She then sent a bottle of rare whiskey to my office, at which point I quickly rethought my schedule.

As always, a click on the above link will go a long way to persuade more editors to say more nice things about mikeroweWORKS, which can never be bad. Reading the actual article is optional, but recommended.

Much obliged, and Happy Monday.


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