Fridays With Freddy: Choppy Water

Just a few quick tips, if you find yourself relaxing on a mountain lake, pondering a lazy ride on a pontoon boat in choppy water.

1. Do NOT spend the night before exploring the rich variety of wines so readily available in Northern California.
2. Do NOT eat the remains of the Bipeds breakfast, no matter how appealing they might appear.
3. Do NOT lie in the sun until your fur is too hot to lick.

Follow these simple instructions, and it’s likely you’ll survive the ride without puking your guts up.

FWF - Choppy Water Freddy

If however, you should find yourself bent over the rail, vomiting so hard you manage to crap yourself in the process, don’t expect the Biped to hold your hair back or offer the slightest shred of sympathy. He’s too busy taking pictures and saying “I told you so.”


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