Let Me Introduce You to Some New Friends ~ Quilt Buyer & DeWalt

As many of you know by now, someone with a very generous heart (or a deep-rooted, dungaree fetish,) has purchased a one-of-a-kind quilt made from my old blue jeans for $9,000. The someone in question is Nelda Sue Yaw from the great state of Texas, and as you might guess, her winning bid has left me humbled and speechless. Happily, I can still type. So please join me in saying thanks to Nelda Sue from Texas, to Judy Muche from Pennsylvania, (who made the thing,) and to everyone else from everywhere else who bid on it. Look for more C.R.A.P. just around the corner.

Meanwhile, as long as I’m thanking people, allow me to gush for a moment about my new friends at DeWalt. DeWalt makes power tools, and last week in Baltimore, they invited me in to take the “nickel tour” of their facility. Among other things, we talked about our mutual interest Skills USA. As some of you know, mikeroweWORKS helps cover the travel costs for hundreds of kids who qualify for the Skills USA National Finals, but can’t afford to physically get there. DeWalt apparently knew this, because at the end of the Nickel Tour, they bolstered our annual allotment to Skills by $25,000 – which I believe is 500,000 nickels.

I’m pleased to tell you that those funds will be used specifically to get more kids to this years event in June, and boost our total travel commitment to $75,000. Or, as I like to see it, 1,500,000 nickles.

Is this a great country or what?


PS. The cut off for the current Work Ethic Scholarship Program is next week. So…chop chop!

PPS. Here’s the official press release, for those of you who enjoy officialdom.

PPS. This weeks show is, all modesty aside, fantastic. Seabees, Longswords, and Edgar Allen Poe. Thursday at 9, CNN, barring any unforeseen global calamity. More on that later.

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