This is Really What C.R.A.P. is All About

Here’s a short video that features some very grateful scholarship recipients personally thanking me for getting them the training they need to start a career in the trades. While the video makes me audibly blush, I’m not posting it to remind you all of what a swell guy I am; I’m posting it because the gratitude therein should be shared with those who have bid on and purchased the many pieces of random C.R.A.P. I’ve auctioned off over the years.

“Collectibles Rare And Precious” have raised a tidy sum for Work Ethic Scholarships, and an hour from now, someone will dramatically overpay for a one of a kind quilt made from my old blue-jeans, cobbled together by a gifted and talented fan named Judy.

The current bid is nearly $6,000.00, and whatever it ultimately goes for, it’s important to remember that every penny will benefit The mikeroweWORKS Foundation. I just wanted to remind those who have bid what that means, and tell you all that the real prize is more than a lap quilt with my signature; it’s a chance to thanked sincerely by some people who truly appreciate your generosity – including me.


PS. More USA Bobbleheads have arrived. Stay tuned for #5, coming soon.

PPS I’m off tomorrow to climb some giant trees in Oregon. I don’t yet know why, but I’ll check back when I do.

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