Up Early on HLN ~ Somebody’s Gotta Do It

Good Morning.

Robin Meade is a very perky person. She gets up every day around 3 am, and hosts a show called Morning Express on HLN from six to noon. Conversely, I am rarely perky, and never at that hour. When my alarm fails, I wake up around nine, and achieve full consciousness by lunch, which is why my eyes are still closed in this photo. Technically, I’m awake, but as you can see I’m hugging myself in an attempt to keep from tumbling out of my chair and sliding to the floor.

Anyway, I’m told that Robin and I sang the SGDI song. I have no recollection of this, but understand the results can be heard this morning around 7:50 on HLN and again around 9:45, 10:45, and 11:45. AM. If you’re a morning person, check it out. If not, Somebody’s Gotta Do It premieres tonight a more civilized hour. 9PM, to be precise, pending breaking news. Assuming I make my flight, I’ll be watching in Kentucky.

Also – yesterday’s FB Q&A was officially a CNN record breaker. Thanks again for your help. If I make it Louisville in time, I’ll try another live Q&A on THIS page during the premier tonight. It would be fun to watch with you guys, since you pretty much programmed the show.

More later. I’m pounding coffee and going on New Day in an hour or so.
Or so I’m told….

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