OFF THE WALL: Fleet Week

Hey Mike,

I see that you are now publicly supporting the annual nightmare of San Francisco’s Fleet Week.  Ugh.
Once again, the Blue Angels will destroy an otherwise peaceful Sunday. They’ll buzz our homes, shake our windows, terrorize our pets and children, and put the city at needless risk. Once again, I’ll look out my window and see a Navy Destroyer parked in the Bay. For what purpose? I can’t believe San Francisco tolerates this annual chest-thumping propaganda. Very disappointed you see you supporting this.
Frances in San Francisco
Hi Frances,

As I’ve said before, I love San Francisco. I really do. But I worry sometimes that our little town has managed to its head so far up its own ass that we’re in danger of vanishing altogether. Every year, 10648270_872900562720088_1971545750606922626_oprotesters gather to bemoan the very things you mention, and every year, they miss the point entirely. Fleet Week is more than a festival or a parade. It’s more than a personal assault on your view of the Bay. Fleet Week is about Humanitarian Relief, and a reminder that the US Military is our best hope of surviving the next natural disaster. It’s also a chance to say thanks to the people that make these very protests possible. Question – did you actually watch the video?

Over the years and all over the world, our military has saved more lives than all the other first responders in every humanitarian organization combined. San Francisco Fleet Week is all about pioneering a new way to combine military and civilian assistance, and what’s going on here is serving as a model for Fleet Weeks all over the country. As I type this, our military is training local firemen in the latest search and rescue techniques. Hundreds of local doctors and nurses are observing peer to peer exercises that demonstrate a variety of medical breakthroughs. Today, over a million residents will have a chance to tour a state of the art Humanitarian Village set up in Marina Green. How cool is that?

If you deemed it important Frances, you and your kids could tour a realistic shock trauma expeditionary hospital. You could drink water pumped out of the bay and pu1521427_872889686054509_292854524777240650_nrified by reverse osmosis, or see firsthand various demonstrations of solar power and other kinds of practical energy we’ll need when the next quake hits. Or, you could bitch about the noise and reduce the whole event to parade for the Industrial Military Complex.

Obviously, I’m biased. I’ve flown with the Blue Angels and toured many of those destroyers. I’ve worked with every branch of the US Armed Forces, and met thousands of soldiers along the way. I like them. Spending time with them makes me feel good about our country. That’s why I speak on behalf of the Post 9-11 GI Bill. That’s why I attend the Marine Corps Ball every year. That’s why I’m doing what I can to help connect more of our troops into careers in the skilled trades. But as for Fleet Week, I support this event because I’d like to see us survive the next big quake. And believe me Frances – it’s coming. That’s why I’m involved. My question is – why aren’t you?

Come on down to the Marina Green around 3 this afternoon. It’ll be fun. If you’re nice, I’ll buy you a cup of purified water, and let you put a tourniquet on my neck.

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