RIP George Shultz

I wrote the following in 2019, after seeing George Shultz speak at the Marine Corps Ball. As always, his message was crystal clear, and his words left an impression. I thought I’d share them again, at a time when our leaders would do well to heed them. At 100 years of age, this extraordinary Marine outlived most of his contemporaries, but nevertheless leaves behind countless friends. I hope they can gather in some form or fashion, to see this man off, and celebrate his extraordinary life. My condolences, to his family. The Marine Corps Ball November 18, 2019 I just Read More

Semper Fi Marines & Happy Veterans Day to ALL Who Serve

On 10 November 2013, The Marines had a party, and Mike had a Ball. The old theater looks like the one in Young Frankenstein – the one where Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle sing “Putting on the Ritz.” Every seat is taken, and the air is filled with a weird mix of anticipation and familiarity. And maybe a faint hint of mothballs. I’m in the mezzanine this year, sipping champagne and jammed into a tuxedo that’s undeniably smaller than it was last November. Behind me, a retired general is singing The Star Spangled Banner, along with the rest of the Read More