The Enchantment of the Chew Paper

Fridays with Freddy

I’ve noticed some ambiguity with respect to the direction in which my complimentary chew paper is left to dangle. Sometimes, it hangs over the top. Other times, it hangs down from behind. Interesting.

Personally, I prefer the latter. I like to know at a glance exactly how much paper is left on the spool. I find this easier to accomplish when the bulk of the roll is not obscured by the paper draped in front of it. Also, when pulled from behind, I notice the roll spins in a clockwise direction. This appeals to my natural sense of order, and resonates strongly on what I suspect might be a subconscious level. On the other hand, the end is bit easier for me to reach when it trails down from the front. Not much, but some. I suppose you could say that I’m ambivalent about the ambiguity.

Of course, these are tertiary points. I am first and foremost, grateful to have easy access to such an enchanting invention. Each magnificent square of perforated wonder is so absorbent, so delicious, and so delightfully satisfying in my mouth that I really couldn’t care less why my biped chooses to orient them as he does. As long as the end remains within my reach, I have no cause to complain, and every reason to count my blessings.


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