‘Somebody’s Gotta Do It’ vs. ‘Dirty Jobs’

‘More Mission, Less Poop’

TCA 2014: “I just don’t want to bullshit the viewer anymore,” the former Ford spokesman said on the current state of reality TV

Mike Rowe has another TV show where he temporarily does weird, gross or undesirable jobs — but he wants you to know that it’s nothing like his decade-long gig on “Dirty Jobs.”

“We did 300 of them, we went to every state — it nearly killed me,” Rowe told reporters at Thursday’s Television Critics Association panel, speaking of his former Discovery show. “I loved it. It was fundamentally about dirt, and work.

“We focused a lot on process, how the thing got done, what it was,” Rowe continued. “‘Somebody’s Gotta Do It’ is more biographical, really … we’re looking for people who wake up everyday a little afflicted because the world is not exactly what they want it to be. They’re on a mission.

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