The Diploma Dilemma

“So I’m in DC, preparing to discuss a litany of critical issues far beyond my pay grade with a bunch of experts much smarter and better-dressed than me. What could possibly go wrong?”

How can we make the future brighter and improve well-being for everyone?

On November 20th at 7:00pm est, the Charles Koch Institute hosting a conversation on the challenges students.

Tweet your questions and thoughts on #HigherEd to the evening’s panelists using #HigherEd and we’ll start the Q&A off with some of your questions.Charles-Koch-Speech
· Mike Rowe, Creator and Executive Producer of “Dirty Jobs” and CEO of mikeroweWORKS

· Beth Akers, Fellow in the Brookings Institution’s Brown Center on Education Policy

· Richard Vedder, Distinguished Professor of Economics at Ohio University and Director of the Center for College Affordability and Productivity

· Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, President Emeritus and Professor at George Washington University

· Robert Morse, Director of Data Research at U.S. News & World Report

· Jim Tankersley (Moderator), Economics Correspondent for The Washington Post


One thought on “The Diploma Dilemma

  1. Can’t believe no one commented on this! Great discussion…you know someone on tv had this little three part show about liquor and how it changed America. Nice to see people can get back to basics, talking face to face, having a civilized very VERY important discussion, having wine and beer. What kind of beer? Its all bout how your kids grow up having a strong work ethic. All the changes won’t do shit, if we forget how our everyday and future existence is on us…ALL of us! Everyone is always so whiny about work and then the mentality is “I want more, more, more…now,now,now!”, but it seems like the majority do not want to work for it. My grandparents would roll over in their graves of how complacent our way of living has become. I mean they had to work in sweat shops and build military equipment when they were growing up and I’ve heard people say…”oh, they had to it was their circumstances”, they worked hard because that’s what u do to live! What’s happening in each and EVERY state, is a lack of willingness to make things better. Do people just think houses build themselves, or buildings, roads, food, water…u know basic existence? Until people realize that plummers, pavers, builders, janitors (which was brought up), are what makes up a HUGE part of what makes our civilized Eco system function is getting dirty, doing sometimes shit you don’t want to do, maybe not getting paid the greatest, but getting the job done and respected for it and not looked down upon because you have calluses and dirt under you nails, or that your considered “uneducated”. I don’t know if you caught the lovely read on your Facebook when u auctioned off Jonathan Hillstrands book for MRW, it’s an eye opener. Thanks for getting this going! I WANT packet for doing Dirt Patrol with my sons Boy scout troop. I think you might want to consider putting a packet together, with sweat pledge and merit badges they can earn. I know you have done. Jamborees and such, but not all troops can afford to go.. Also, I have seen kids patches they got from those Jamborees you attended for sale on eBay, which is disturbing. They should be earning these and making it a core part of scouting. We have to start somewhere. God knows I’m not getting anywhere with the schools. I think it would be a good place to start. Thanks!
    P.S.- I know I have posted on Facebook and comments this above request. I said I would be persistent. Kind of like everyone wanting you to run for President….(not a bad idea, but why? or the “Micro” with your face crudely plastered on a crow. ( which I get…but I don’t get it)… So I’m going to now add to your list of requests…PLEASE put something together, it would really benefit the these kids.

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