Reading the Phonebook Helps Close the Skills Gap

Behold, another dubious episode of C.R.A.P.

For reasons not entirely clear to me, over a hundred of you have said that you would listen to The Real Mike Rowe read the phonebook. Equally baffling, is my own irresistible urge to see if you really mean it. But even more incredible than that, is my request that you contribute a dollar to the mrW Foundation if you actually click on this link and watch the entire thing. Go ahead – I dare you.

Either way, you asked for it.


34 thoughts on “Reading the Phonebook Helps Close the Skills Gap

  1. Mike, I just donated $5, wish it could be $5000. Your foundation is changing lives and so important….wish people realized! I was a state officer in VICA, and learned a LOT of life lessons that helped later on in my career. Vocational groups should still be at the center of American Education, or at least a part of it!

    1. [mike] “… my request that you contribute a dollar to the mrW Foundation if you actually click on this link and watch the entire thing…].
      [Janey]”…I can not donate, but will be following, the world needs more shepherds your voice is awesome….”
      [rbestlab] … Janey – your cheapskate attitude is even more awesome – He just asked for a buck. — Think —

      1. There are some people who are too poor to spare even a dollar. And before you mention being online, that can be done for free at a local library. Even with a full time job, my bank account is in the negative and I have many past due medical bills in collections thanks to having had cancer. And with no money for repairs, my house is crumbling down around me. So technically, I can’t afford to donate a penny, let a lone a dollar. Not everyone can be as affluent as you. Maybe its you who should stop and –Think–

  2. I thought it would be awesome. I was wrong. It was awesome-er. 😉 Loved your appearances on Blaze (Wilkow & Beck) I hope you’ll be collaborating on projects in the future. We home educate the kids and found such encouragement in your words. Our path isn’t as well beaten as most, and knowing we’re not the only ones looking at options other than traditional college is wonderful. Making thousands of cookie-cutter “laborers” in college is a certain path to disappointment for most of those cookies. No matter how smart they are.

  3. 35 & have a VO mic & video/ audio editing equipment music tools & an internet connection, been house bound for about 3 years due to illness, before that lots of dirty jobs. W/O my ol dirty jobs, in the rain, under houses, on roofs, once did grip, boom, dolly, even cinematographer, I’m feeling rudderless and factually unemployed, got a challenge?

  4. Mike, oh my goodness man, you have the most soothing voice known to man!! You must be great with babies, ha! Hilarious! I want to listen to this every day after I come home frazzled from a long day at work! who knew the reading of the phone book could be so…. nice! LOL. ha ha ha, loved it! OK, I’m going to come back shortly to donate!

  5. You are great! You would be wonderful at guided meditation recordings. I know, a little hokey, but they really are good. I would prefer your voice over the ones available. Look into it.

  6. Mike;
    Your heart is in the right place, but you can’t do it all by yourself. How can those of us that “get” your message work locally to make change happen?

    Has there been any thought to starting “Profoundly Disconnected” chapters in major cities to work creating a viable alternative to the “college only” path being pushed for the youth of tomorrow?

    I live in the New Orleans area, and I’m willing to donate 10 hours a week of my time to train anyone on anything I know. And, after 63 years, I’ve had to learn quite a few different skills.

    However, when I’ve approached politicians and traditional not for profits, their reaction has been “we can’t get grant money for a program like that.” Apparently if they can’t see a way to make a buck off my volunteered time they are not interested.

  7. I clicked play, ready to donate $1 for no reason alone but that you responded to everyone who wanted to hear this. It was great. So great in fact that that the melodious intonations induced an increase from that small single dollar to five dollars for each minute. Thank you, Mike Rowe, Thank you.

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