Attention, Cat People

Attention, Cat People.

I see from the comments in an earlier post that my admission to not being a “cat person” has elicited a measure of disappointment.

To be clear, I have nothing against the species. I grew up with dozens of them, and while only a chosen few were actually allowed inside the house, they were fixtures in the barn, and indispensable at controlling the mouse and rat population. One in particular — a bob-tailed, puma-sized creature called “Caesar” — dispatched rodents with such extreme alacrity, and comported himself with such stunning confidence, that the neighborhood dogs avoided him as a matter of prudence.

To prove my fondness for felines, I’ve agreed to narrate a show called “Man, Cheetah, Wild.” It airs on Discovery tonight, and while it’s not exclusively about cats, the ones featured are pretty cool. And the guy who confronts them in the African bush is quite possible insane. Check it out.