Mike, who’s sponsoring mikeroweWORKS?

From the MRW Water Cooler
Q: Hi Mike,

Nice place you have here. You’ve been doing some remodeling I see. Now that I understand where I really am and that construction has not quite finished (if ever), I was wondering how expensive it is to run a piece of real estate like mikeroweWORKS?

It ain’t cheap.

How does owning real estate in cyberspace work?

Still figuring that out. The short answer involves giving money to smart people. The longer version includes domain names, copyrights, trademarks, insurance, content providers, technical experts, and several pages tiny print that you try to read but ultimately can’t.

I would think that as the website grows, so do the overhead costs.

You would be right.

I’m assuming you are not keeping your “workers” happy with just your good looks and charm.

I tried, but quickly realized that I don’t possess enough of either. As for Sammy and Chuck, they are immune to both.

I have to say as of right now; it is refreshing not to be bombarded with advertisements when logging on. However I am assuming as the site grows and when it finally does go “public”, this will change.

Something will certainly have to give. But my business model for this little venture does not require me to turn a profit. Having said that, I think it would be swell not to lose money.

Will mikeroweWORKS succumb to corporate funding in exchange for advertising space?

Succumb to funding? Interesting turn of phrase. I’m certainly not going to give away free advertising, if that’s what you mean.

Will we see “mikeroweWORKS sponsored by…..

I hope so. Several companies have expressed an interest in funding the whole thing. Not sure how I feel about that. Some companies I believe “fit” better than others, with respect to the larger goals of the site. If the Resource Center evolves in the way I imagine it might, I could see an affiliation of sponsors coming together to help defray the cost. That would be great.

Will we have to deal with those annoying pop-up ads that won’t go away no matter how many times you click on “X” to close it out?

I hope not. With only a few exceptions, things that pop up unexpectedly are usually unpleasant.

I have no idea how a website is run, but I have a feeling it can’t be run on good intentions alone. Doesn’t it always come down to the all mighty dollar?

Yes, always. It’s just a matter of whose? I’ve talked here about a Missionary and a Mercenary approach. The Missionary goal is to create a useful resource and a friendly place for people who want to explore the trades, and help keep the infrastructure issue on the front burner. Also, I think it would be nice to call attention to smaller non-profits that do good work but get no press. Trying to pay for that though with “good intentions” would be unrealistic. If the site has value for people, it will have value for advertisers. The money has to come from somewhere.

Have you given thought as to what types of sponsors/advertisers will be on this site?

Yes. The large companies that have already expressed interest are obvious choices, and have a clear association with trade and infrastructure issues. I’d rather not name them just yet.

Will you limit those that are “trade friendly” (i.e. construction companies) or will it include “enemies” to the working class (i.e. big banks.)

As a society, we have certainly made “work the enemy” in a variety of interesting ways. But I know of no company, including big banks that would call themselves “enemies” of the working class. The “mercenary” position does not allow me to unilaterally “disqualify” a particular type of sponsor.

I am assuming as the big Kahuna here, you have a say in just about everything. And you you also have the power to say it’s none of my business.

Correct on both points.

Regardless, I have enjoyed my first post here in your new home.

I’m glad Kelby. You’re always welcome.

Sorry I didn’t bring a house-warming gift. Didn’t know what kind of wine you liked.

I like the wet kind.


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