There is Probably a Better Way to Share

There’s probably a better way to share a tweet on Facebook. A way that doesn’t require me to take a picture of the tweet on my laptop and then post it here. But if there is a more efficient method, it’s beyond my capacity to master. In fact, after an hour of screwing around on the platform formerly known as Twitter, I don’t even care to know the right way anymore. I do however, want to thank RFK Jr. for this generous tweet back in December. (Do we still call them tweets?) I missed this at the time, but I was pleased to have it brought to my attention this morning.

As many of you will recall, the last time a presidential candidate reached out to me personally, I wound up with an autographed bathrobe from Donald Trump, which I auctioned off as a fundraiser for mikeroweWORKS. Some people are still pissed off about that, but…what can you do? We raised thousands of dollars from that robe, which paid for half-a-dozen work ethic scholarships.

Speaking of mikeroweWORKS, we’re opening another enrollment period for our next round of work ethic scholarships at the end of February. As always, these scholarships are reserved for men and women who wish to learn a skill that’s in demand – specifically, a skill that does NOT require a four-year degree. Mark you calendar, and apply at We’ll be giving away (another) million dollars this year, and I’d appreciate it if you helped spread the word.
PS. Yes, I know I have many open tabs.
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