Chuck Gets a Haircut with Denis Chetzan and Mary Sullivan (Ep. 371)

About a year ago, I encouraged my old buddy Chuck to let his hair grow out a bit.

“Why?” he asked.

“Well, mostly because you still have it,” I said. “And a lot of it. If I had a head of hair like that, I’d go full Sam Elliott.”
Three months later, it became obvious that Chuck had taken my advice. His hair grew like that of a chia pet, and we were all terribly impressed. Three months after that, however, his hair went from grey to white. (He blamed the stress of “podcast production” whatever that means.) He didn’t cut it, however.

“Is this what you had in mind,” he asked me? “Do I look like Sam Elliott yet?”
“Almost,” I said.

Three months after that, Chuck was blending in nicely with the vagrants on Venice Beach, and viewers of this podcast were wondering if he’d lost a bet of some kind. And three months after that, no one was confusing him with Sam Elliott. Instead, they were confusing him with Howard Hughes in his final days. The girls at the office began to discuss an intervention, and it became clear that something needed to be done.

Today, I’m happy to report that Chuck has agreed to get a haircut, and if you are wondering how that qualifies for a segment of The Way I Heard It, you may wonder know more. We’re joined today by my business partner, Mary Sullivan, whose own golden locks have achieved legendary status, and according to many, rival those of the late, great Farrah Fawcett. In fact, it was Mary who arranged for Denis Chetzan – Hairdresser to the Stars – to come by the office and work his magic on Chuck. What we got – along with a freshly shorn producer – was a pretty remarkable conversation with a hair stylist who has cut the hair of Princes and Presidents and countless movie stars, and now…Chuck.

Along with all the frivolity, I’m happy to tell you we’ve officially opened our work ethic scholarship program to students of cosmetology. It’s a fine way to make a living, (a pretty good living, actually,) and you can apply at starting at the end of the month. We’ll be giving away a million dollars over a dozen different categories, none of which require a four-year degree.

Having said all that, strap in, as Chuck gets his ears lowered.

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