Lots of Travel and Many Fun Encounters

Apologies. I’ve been scarce. Speeches, scholarships, whiskey, more speeches, more scholarships, more whiskey, lots of travel, and many fun encounters all over the country. Here, for instance, is Steve Forbes, who I ran into somewhere. (Maybe Memphis, maybe New York. Maybe both?) Made me remember a post I wrote years ago on this very page, criticizing the foolishness of ranking America’s “Top Schools,” which many publications do every year, like clockwork. I remember writing, “if publications insist on ranking universities, why not include trade schools? Why not evaluate, or at the very least, acknowledge the many other forms of useful education that don’t require a four-year commitment or a colossal debt?”

To his credit, Forbes Magazine replied, and started doing precisely what I suggested. I was flattered, and pleased to finally thank the man who made it happen.
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