Work Ethic Scholarship Recipients

After a lot of consideration, deliberation, contemplation, and rumination, I’m pleased to announce the recipients of another work ethic scholarship program. Everyone on this list has been or will be contacted personally, but I wanted to share the details here, since so many of you have supported my foundation over the years.

This round, we awarded a total of $1,000,000 to 200 individuals. We selected recipients across 41 states and 15 different trade programs. If you applied for a scholarship and your name is on this list, congratulations. If it’s not, don’t be discouraged. The competition was stiff. Feel free to apply again later this month. My plan is to open the next enrollment period on August 23rd, and award another million dollars early next year.

Aside from lots of individual support from the people on this page, who have my sincerest appreciation, our work ethic scholarship program is made possible by a handful of key contributors. Big thanks to:
Bruce Jacobs Fund at Donors Capital Fund
Wolverine Boots & Apparel
Software Engineering of America
Charles Koch Foundation
Koch Industries
Engelstad Foundation
Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Foundation
J&K Trash Removal, Inc
Contractor Rewards
Wiley X
American Giant

And last but not least, a big thanks to everyone at mikeroweWORKS, especially Jade Estrada, for getting the ball through the hoop one more time. We’ll be fifteen years old this Labor Day, and none of my loyal crew had any idea what they signed on for when they agreed to donate their time and energy to a cause that’s become the sun in my own little solar system. We’re not the biggest scholarship fund out there, but when it comes to trade schools, we very well may be. And thanks to you guys, we are certainly the noisiest.

With that in mind, I’d be grateful if you’d share this post. The more people who know about our scholarship program, the more people we can assist. And yes, donations of any size are always welcome, at