Your Mission – Ask for a Bottle of Knobel Whiskey

Back in 2007, on one of my many trips to the great state of Michigan, I had the unique opportunity to change a few lightbulbs on The Mackinac Bridge. I still remember the excitement of walking up that skinny suspension cable in a stiff breeze, and how small the ships looked 600 feet below me, and the sound my sphincter made when it slammed shut every time I leaned over to unscrew another bulb. Mostly, though, I remember how much I would have enjoyed a glass of Knobel Tennessee Whiskey when I finally reached to top of the tower and looked out over the vast expanse of Lake Huron, into which I was extremely delighted to have not plunged.

Of course, Knobel Tennessee Whiskey didn’t exist back then, so I had to settle for a snort of something subordinate. But no more. After a year of crossing t’s and dotting i’s and jumping through more hoops than you’d find in a hula factory, I’m thrilled to announce that Knobel is finally available in The Wolverine State.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ask your favorite bartender, waiter, or liquor store owner for a bottle of my grandfather’s whiskey. Most of them, at this point, will be unable to answer in the affirmative, because we literally just got permission to sell it. But with your gentle urging, that can now be rectified, and I’d sure appreciate your assistance in spreading the word. Many thanks.

PS. At the risk of overselling it, the reviews have been terrific, and the feedback on this page have been really gratifying. Also, online sales have had a real impact on my foundation, which will award another million dollars in work ethic scholarships next month. If you reside in one of the enlightened states that allows me to ship some real good hooch directly to your doorstep, and you haven’t tried the Rickhouse Edition, it’s honestly phenomenal, and available at Get some, and share your honest review here.

PPS. Since nothing goes without saying anymore, don’t drink Knobel before walking up a suspension cable on the Mighty Mac, or any other bridge. That almost never ends well.

Carry on,
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