Phil Keoghan is Fairly Interesting (Ep. 300)

Phil Keoghan is one of those guys I can’t believe I’ve never met. He started hosting The Amazing Race around the same time I was trying to sell Dirty Jobs, over 20 years ago. We’ve worked in the same industry for decades. We know hundreds of the same people. We’ve each had hundreds of similar jobs over the years, including hosting TV shows inspired by and dedicated to our grandfathers, both of whom were skilled tradesmen. We’ve each had a near-death experience while scuba diving. We’ve each traveled all over perdition. We each view Australians with a certain level of suspicion. We each like to talk, we each like to laugh, and we’ve each been blessed and lucky to have an audience that appears to care about the same things that matter to us.

For these reasons, and others, my conversation with Phil goes on a bit longer than usual. Partly because it’s a really good conversation, partly because it’s the 300th episode of The Way I Heard It, and partly because the last episode was just ten minutes, and those who favor the longer format have demanded recompense.

A short video is below, and it is, in spite of what the title implies, is a lot more than “fairly interesting.” The whole conversation is here, and worth every minute, in my deeply unbiased opinion.

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