Elyse: Excuse me, are you Mike Rowe?
Me: I am. Who are you?
Elyse: I’m Elyse, and this is my little sister, Olivia.
Me: Well, it’s very nice to meet you both. I like your sunglasses. Very stylish.
Elyse: Thank you. We’re very sorry to interrupt your lunch, but I just wanted to say that we’re both big fans of Dirty Jobs, and really appreciate your support of the skilled trades.
Me: Really?
Elyse: Yes, we never miss an episode, and we love what you stand for.
Me: Is that true, Olivia?
Olivia: (No comment.)
Elyse: My sister is shy, but she thinks you’re pretty great.
Me: Well, thank you, Olivia. I’m very flattered.
Elyse: She doesn’t know what “flattered” means.
Me: I see. Where are your parents?
Elyse: That’s my dad over there.
Me: The man with his head in his hands?
Elyse: Yes, that’s him. He told us it was okay to come over here and say hello.
Me: I see. Do you think he’d mind if I took a picture of you and your little sister, and shared it with a few million people?
Elyse: Why?
Me: So everyone can see how cool your glasses are.
Elyse: “Dad, can the dirty man take our picture and share it with a few million people?”
Me: A thumbs-up still means yes, right?
Elyse: Yep!
Me: Cool. Can I have piece of your cookie?
Elyse: Don’t push it, mister…

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