Another Week in Vegas

I came to Vegas last Saturday for a series of meetings and a few speeches. Mission accomplished. The folks at The National Homebuilders Association were terrific. The accountants at CLA were awesome. My friends at Caterpillar were thirsty. In between meetings and speeches, I ate at some extraordinary restaurants, and took in another Cirque du Soleil show. This one was called “Mystere,” and featured a cast of boneless acrobats doing things with their bodies that defy description. Back at the hotel, I found a piece of edible art had been delivered to my room, put together by an amazing pastry chef at The Four Seasons named Maruschka Ang. As you can see, Maruschka found a photo of me holding a feral chicken I’d captured some years ago in Miami. She put the photo inside a coaster made of translucent sugar, mounted it on an easel made of chocolate flanked by a delicious assortment of hyper-realistic yet completely comestible hand tools, alongside a container filled with chicken McNuggets. After eating all of the McNuggets and most of the chocolate, I went for a long jog around the perimeter of McCarran airport and found a severed penis lying in the rocks. I think it was made of wood, but can’t be sure, since I didn’t touch it. I did however, report it to the local gendarme, who expressed no great alarm or concern.

Just another week in Vegas.

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