We’re Still We the People (Ep. 295)

He dropped out of high school with 0.9 GPA and a pregnant girlfriend. No prospects, no road map, no plan. Wound up becoming a professor at Harvard. Quit, to establish populace.org, a think tank in Massachusetts designed to offer a variety of bottom up solutions to all sorts of problems, while challenging a great many of the things a lot otherwise intelligent people mistakenly believe. Fundamentally, Todd is all about helping the individual thrive in a world of cookie-cutter solutions.

Todd Rose has an incredible story, and several incredible books you should read with all due speed. One is called Dark Horse, another is called The End of Average. His most recent is called Collective Illusions, and it holds the solutions to a great many problems facing this country. It’s also a lot of fun to read. Almost as much fun as the conversation you’re about to listen to.

It’s packed with so much good stuff I can’t even begin to summarize. Just give it a listen. I promise you will love this one. Even the part about administering enemas. Enjoy!