Knobel over the Holidays

A quick thanks to everyone who enjoyed a wee dram of Knobel over the holiday. I received hundreds of photos from satisfied customers, along with a flurry of reviews that made me proud to see my Pop’s name preserved for posterity. Thanks for all the great feedback.

Many of you have wondered if and when Knobel will make its way onto a shelf near you, and I’m happy to say we’re making progress, but it’s a slog. If the liquor business had a tagline, it would be, “Go ahead, try to launch a new brand. We dare you…” The regulations, the requirements, the dreaded “three-tier system,” supply-chain issues…If I were inclined to make excuses, I’d have plenty to choose from. Nevertheless, we’re now in Wyoming, Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, Delaware, DC, and most recently Michigan. In the meantime, I’m still allowed to ship directly to 28 (enlightened) states, which you’ll find listed at A portion of all the online sales will continue to benefit mikeroweWORKS, and that money will be well spent on our next work ethic scholarship program, coming up in a month or two. More information on that later.

Also – the original juice is finally back in stock, and in pretty good supply. However, the Rickhouse Edition was so popular as a temporary replacement, we’ve decided to replenish those stocks as well. (Rickhouse is 95 proof, the original is 90 proof.) Some new gift offerings are currently available at, along with just the juice, for those of you who would just as soon dispense with the hoop-de-doodle.

Carry on,
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