Matt Walsh Made a Great Movie (Ep. 293)

The subject of this week’s podcast is a documentary called “What is a Woman?” If there’s been a more controversial documentary in recent memory, I don’t know what it is. It has yet to find a major distributor, and the film’s critics have been strident in their objections.

I finally watched it over the break and I’m glad I did. Not because I agree with every single thing the film makers espouse, but rather, because they allow the opposing side to speak for themselves. At length. The results are kind of extraordinary.

At its heart, “What is a Woman” is not really a movie about the process of changing genders, or the push to allow children and teenagers to make irreversible surgical decisions without their parent’s consent. It’s really a movie about truth, reality, and the inability of lots of otherwise intelligent people – from doctors to professors to Supreme Court Justices – to answer a really simple question. It’s a movie that illustrates just how radically – and quickly – the simplest of words in the language we all share have been literally redefined beneath us.