Here’s To The Guys Who Advertise

We’re taking the week off, sort of.

The Way I Heard It will return next week with a brand new episode, and with a little luck, another new one every week after that for years to come. I’m delighted to report that we are now rated consistently among the Top 200 podcasts in the world. Some weeks, in the Top 100. Considering there are nearly 3 million podcasts out there, I reckon that puts us in the top 0.000006%.

I want to thank the listeners for coming along on a very unpredictable ride, as we navigate this very weird landscape. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to have an audience, especially nowadays, and I promise to never take you for granted, or charge you a subscription fee to listen. Big thanks as well to my old buddy Chuck, for continuing to impersonate a producer, Ross, for being an actual engineer, Jade, for keeping an eye on the bottom line, and Mary, for keeping an eye on Chuck. And of course, a big thanks to everyone at audioBoom and all of our sponsors, to whom the attached is dedicated. See you all next year!