A Toast at the End of a Dirty Job

After a long day spaying and neutering feral cats there’s only one sensible way to wind down – with a civilized snort of Knobel Tennessee Whiskey, thoughtfully procured in advance by Stacey Schumacher, the founder of Texas Coalition for Animal Protection. Big thanks to her, Dr. Glen Campbell, (really,) their extraordinary staff in Garland, Texas, and several dozen feral cats who peed all over me prior to being sterilized. I wasn’t anticipating a toast at the end of the day, but after castrating a cat named Dreyfus with only one visible testicle, and finally locating his other one tucked away high in his inguinal tract, we had all worked up a powerful thirst. (And yes, my grandfather’s whiskey tastes remarkably good, even when sipped responsibly from red solo cups.)


P.S. If you’d care to join me in a virtual slug and you live in a state that allows excellent whiskey to be shipped, we have a new allotment over at KnobelSpirits.com. Proceeds benefit the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. And if you imbibe, please don’t attempt to spay or neuter your cat while under the influence.

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