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Mike – I heard a rumor your podcast was being turned into a TV show on TBN? Please confirm.

Ozzie McDonnell

Hi Ozzie

At the risk of needless pedantry, I’m afraid I cannot confirm your claim. I have no reason to doubt your veracity, and toward that end, I’m happy to assume that you did in fact hear a rumor that my podcast has been turned into a TV show. But I cannot “confirm” your claim because I wasn’t there when you claimed to have heard this “rumor.” Likewise, I can’t confirm that the “rumor you claimed to hear is “true” because rumors by definition are neither true nor untrue – they are merely unsubstantiated claims. The business of “confirming a rumor,” is therefore no different than acknowledging the ambiguity of the underlying claim, thereby reaffirming that the rumor is in fact, a rumor. In this case, I cannot “confirm the rumor” because the underlying claim happens to be based on fact. And the facts are these.

This Saturday, May 7th, 9PM, a new program will premiere on TBN called “The Story Behind the Story.” I can absolutely confirm that this new program is based on the stories I wrote for The Way I Heard It. If that’s consistent with the rumor you claim to have heard, than I would suggest that what you heard was not in fact, a rumor, but the simple truth of what’s going on.

Now – if you think that’s confusing, check out the attached promo. We couldn’t even figure out what the show was called, much less when it was supposed to air…

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