TWIHI Ep. 214: There’s a Fine Line Between a Hero and an Asshole

Last week, a lively conversation unfolded here on my Facebook page around the question, “Was it worth it.” The question was directed to me, and pertained to the cost of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Along with my reply, I posted a photo of me with Travis Mills –Travis Mills Foundation – a former Staff Sergeant who lost his arms and legs fighting the Taliban – and wondered what his thoughts might be on the matter. Well, Travis called me and offered to chat on my podcast. It’s a terrific conversation with an old friend and a true American hero. A man who still maintains that he was “just doing his job.” A man without a trace of self-pity, who should have his own TV show. Below is a short clip from our conversation, which goes off the rails the moment it gets started. Here’s a link to the whole thing. Enjoy.

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