Off The Wall: Release the Kracken

Mike, Have you seen the Sydney Powell interview on Lou Dobbs? This woman claims to have proof that Dominion voting machines were deliberately manipulated to switch millions of ballots from Trump to Biden in key battleground states. She says the proof is both overwhelming and undeniable. She goes on to say that Trump won in a landslide and promises to “release the Kracken.” Your thoughts? Mitchell Case

Hi Mitch

I saw the video, and I agree – the claims that Sydney Powell has made are indeed incredible, and her threat to “release the Kracken” is impossible to ignore. Obviously, a level of fraud this profound would have ramifications beyond the reversal of this election. It could very well represent, in her words, another American revolution. Here it is, for those who haven’t seen it. And here is a response from Dominion, who categorically denies ALL of the claims made by Sydney Powell, along with some other theories surrounding voting irregularities that have gained traction online.

Obviously, Sydney Powell is biased. She is an attorney for the President of the United States. But it’s precisely because she represents the President, that her claims cannot be dismissed out of hand; the stakes are just too high. If we don’t have confidence in our elections, then we have no democracy. Like the claims made by Adam Schiff regarding the last election, and those contained in the Steele dossier, Sydney Powell’s claims should be scrutinized and discussed. Unfortunately, we don’t have three and a half years to examine the evidence. Indeed, as I write this, we don’t have any evidence to examine at all, because Sydney Powell has yet to provide it. And so, at the moment, I’m afraid there’s not much to discuss beyond our individual views on the existence of Krackens.

Personally, I’ve never seen a Kracken, (outside of “Clash of the Titans.”) Nor have I ever seen a ghost, or an extra-terrestrial, or a talking dog. I’m not saying such things don’t exist – I’m just saying I’ve never encountered them in real life, and until I do, I’m going to remain skeptical of their existence. Open minded, but skeptical. Sydney Powell, on the other hand, appears to know something that I do not. She claims to have actually seen the Kracken. Otherwise, how could she threaten to release it?

Again, speaking only for myself, I don’t think we can blame Trump supporters for wanting the media to cover Sydney Powell’s claims. Partisan or not, she deserves to be taken seriously, because her claims, if true, are far more important to our democracy than the outcome of this election. On the other hand, Biden supporters are right to be skeptical of any claim from the President’s attorney. Her bias, like Adam Schiff’s, is self-evident, and her claims, like his, are simply too explosive to ignore. But it seems both sides have lost their patience. I’m reminded of the immortal words of Ted Knight, who sums things up below, in one of my favorite moments from Caddyshack.

For me, it comes down to this. If Sydney Powell is lying about this metaphorical Kracken, she should be run out of town on a metaphorical rail, and Lou Dobbs should apologize to his viewers for exposing them to such irresponsible and baseless claims. But if she’s telling the truth, Sydney Powell will probably be running the justice department under another four years of the Trump administration. Like I said, the stakes are very, very high. Higher than the outcome of a single election. What she is alleging, goes to the heart of whether our elections are fair. Thus, her claims demand evidence. And the evidence demands a verdict.

For now though, we can only take our place in the gallery with Ted Knight, and wait to see if the Kracken is real…

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