Dirty Jobs Rowe’d Trip

Nice write up in The Post about the return of Dirty Jobs. Many thanks to Michael Starr for helping spread the word on short notice. A few additional points, in the interest of managing expectations.

My hope, back in March, was to be out in the world right now with the old gang, doing a brand new batch of Dirty Jobs episodes. Obviously, the universe had other ideas, and traditional production has been impossible ever since COVID. Hence, a Dirty Jobs “Rowe’d Trip” instead.

What you’ll see in these four episodes, is first and foremost, a reunion among old friends. Barsky, Doug, Jones and Troy were the core of my crew when Dirty Jobs was in its heyday. There were many others along the way who contributed a great deal, but these were the guys at the center of the show, and since the RV could only hold five, these were the ones who joined me.

Yes, we were all tested for COVID.

No, none of us have it.

Yes, it’s likely our time on the show has rendered us immune to everything.

During our cruise around the country, we catch up, clown around, and have a few laughs, usually at Barsky’s expense. Mostly though, we look back at our favorite moments from the show, reminisce, and check in with a few of our favorite Jobbers. The results are being edited together as I type this. In fact, I’m about to write the first episode after I hit “Post.” Check it out July 7th, 9PM, on Discovery.


PS. Barsky drives the RV.

PPS. As you will see, it does not go well.

NEW YORK POST: Mike Rowe takes ‘Dirty Jobs’ back on the road in return to Discovery

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