Off The Wall – Listening in Palmer, AK

You mentioned on your last podcast that you wondered where we are when we listen. This time, I had just finished a steep hike up Lazy Mountain and a sled ride down with my favorite outside play buddy (we are 47 and 55 years old) and was driving back to my office, listening to you. I’ve attached a picture I took from about half way up the mountain the other day. You can tell how steep it is by how the trees drop off! Lorene – Palmer, AK


There’s a lot I love about your note.

First of all, I love the fact that you listen to my podcast, and saw fit to tell me where you were listening when you heard it. Honestly, I don’t remember asking, but I must have, because hundreds of people have written to let me know where they were and what they were doing when they listened to this story.…/Episode_148_A_Book_to_Pass_the_Time.mp3

I also love that you listened with a 55-year old “playmate” while taking a sleigh ride. Simply awesome. (Or is he 47? Either way, awesome.)

Mostly though, I love the picture you’ve posted. I’ve been to Palmer, where I did a number of dubious things to reindeer, and froze most of my ass off. Then, as I recall, I headed over to Big Lake, and had the ride of my life, courtesy of a sled-dog team, where I managed to freeze off the rest of my ass.

Good times…

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