Off The Wall: Your Efforts

Mike – Do know how far your efforts with mikeroweWORKS have reached? Do you understand the impact of the movement you started ten years ago? Attitudes are beginning to change. I can see it in the school where I teach, and I can see it in the press. I suspect you’ve already seen this, since you’re mentioned in it, but wanted to share anyway. It’s amazing. I hope you’re proud of what you and your team have accomplished. Matt Leary

Thanks Matt. Yes, I have seen this, and yes, it’s very gratifying. For the record, I had noting to do directly with with what’s happening at this school, but I certainly applaud it, and hope other schools will follow suit. I can’t think of a single good reason why every high school wouldn’t. As for mikeroweWORKS, I’m proud to be one voice among many, and happy to call attention to stories worth sharing. Stories like this one.


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