Operation Combat Bikesaver


Apparently, the first episode of Returning the Favor has been viewed over 40 million times. That’s nice. https://bit.ly/2wtYn5k What’s nicer, is the fact that Operation Combat Bikesaver is reaching more veterans than ever before, and saving lives. I mean that literally – OCB is actually saving lives, and the proof is attached.

As you may know, PTSD is a real thing, and the suicide rate among our veterans is nothing short of a national scandal. Something has to be done, and Jason Zaideman is one of half-a-dozen people we’ve featured on RTF who’s making a difference. In his modest little garage in Cedar Lake, Indiana, Jason has created a place where vets can reconnect with other vets, while repairing and refurbishing old motorcycles. It was a privilege to feature this program on RTF, and to see it now expand and thrive is deeply gratifying.

If you’re troubled by the number of vets struggling to readjust, read this article, and share this post. I always thought what Jason is doing out there in Cedar Lake was headline news. It’s nice to see the Tribune agrees. It’ll be even nicer to see OCB chapters pop in garages all over the country…


PS In other news, Discovery is running a 12-hour Dirty Jobs Marathon today. Along with returning a favor or two, nothing says Christmas like exploding toilets and misadventure in animal husbandry!
Chicago Tribune – After Mike Rowe, Operation Combat Bikesaver — which offers veterans with PTSD ‘hot rod therapy’ — looks to grow
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