The Way I Heard It Even on a Time Piece

Couple days ago, I introduced you to Rachel, who experienced the very strange sensation of running into me in the Charlotte airport while listening to my podcast. Well, something odd is clearly at work in the universe. Because yesterday, in Tiburon, I ran into a guy named Clarke, who approached me in a wine shop I often frequent.

Clarke was keen to show me his iWatch, which he was using at that moment to listen to the newest episode of my podcast. I had no idea The Way I Heard It could be accessed from a time piece. Nor did I imagine my face would appear on the screen when the podcast was being enjoyed. But apparently, it does. Which just goes to show, you learn something new every day.

Carry on,

PS. In real life, Clarke does not appear blurry. Unless of course, you spend a lot of time at Tiburon Wine…

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