World’s Collide

Published by Peggy Rowe on About My Mother Facebook Page
Every once in a while we meet someone who really makes an impression. Such was the case on Saturday when my husband and I had the privilege of meeting a lady with such energy, enthusiasm, and passion, that we are still talking about it.

When Mike told us that Mama Ginger would be in town and wanted to meet his parents, I arranged for lunch at our favorite diner-dive. My husband said, “Really? We’re having lunch with a Mama Ginger? I am not going to call her, MAMA GINGER!” Then Mike sent us a link to the “Returning The Favor” episode that featured the dynamic woman from the state of Washington who feeds first responders. And we remembered her well.

What fun! Within minutes, it felt like we were old friends. John and I learned that The Soup Ladies, volunteers who cook and serve hundreds of meals to first responders at floods, and fires, and shootings, are certified with fire and police departments and FEMA. There were tears in Ginger’s eyes as she spoke of the selfless men and women she has met in places like New Orleans and Las Vegas.

I gave Ginger a copy of “About My Mother,” though I don’t know that the busy woman will ever have time to read it. She gave us aprons, which we have already put to good use.

It’s never too late to make new friends, is it!

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