About My Mother…Sold Out Again

Ashley Lane writes, “Have the additional 200 copies sold out already? eBay is telling me out of stock already!”

Hi Ashley. Sorry, all 200 are gone. They sold out in four minutes.

My plan was to order another batch today, but a number of publishers reached out over the weekend, so I need to connect with them first and then make a decision about the best way to go. Bottom line, more copies will definitely be made available – I just don’t know when. Possibly as early as September, but maybe not till the end of the year. I’ll know more soon.

Either way, I need to thank you all again – sincerely – for turning my mom’s book into a hit. I say “hit” because I’m not sure what a “bestseller” means anymore. I just know my mother is deeply flattered by all this, and I’m very, very proud of what she’s accomplished at 80 years of age. The reviews have been nothing short of terrific, and I’m enjoying the greatest “I told you so” moment of my adult life.

Thanks again. More to come…


PS. If you haven’t heard, she’s now blogging on Facebook, God help me. She has 23,000 friends in 24 hours…

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