200 Copies – First Come, First Served

A quick follow-up on Mom’s Book. Although I printed 10,000, we officially sold out yesterday at 9,700 because I held 300 in reserve. I’m not sure why I did that. Some publisher told me it was traditional, so I that’s what I did, forgetting for a moment that tradition had never served me well. Consequently, my mother and I have heard from many dozens of chronic procrastinators who were watching the numbers inch up on E-Bay, assuming we weren’t as close to selling out as we were. These folks have expressed great disappointment at missing out on the first printing – a fact that prompted my mother to instruct me, (yes, she still does that,) to “free up any surplus right this instant.”

So – tomorrow morning at 8 am PACIFIC TIME, the last 200 copies of my mother’s book will be made available here.

There will be another printing, but I don’t know have any details as of now. I’m also looking into E-Books, Amazon, and all the other suggestions floated here. And yes, Mom is already working on her second one.

As for tomorrow, first come, first served…

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