Off The Wall: Seems I Broke a Few Eggs on Tucker Carlson

Seems I broke a few eggs on Tucker last night. Lots of love notes like this one, from John Ray…

Mike, seriously, Dude, if you want to appear “impartial”, you don’t go on Tucker Carlson. Or, Hannity! Or any other seriously right, or left, wing show.

I totally get that you think they are “furthering your cause”, but they’re not.

All you are doing is pissing off people who would otherwise love you. I’ve been with you from the beginning, but this “cozying up to the right wing” stuff is getting increasingly hard to take. And that includes the Koch boys.

Please, go back to being “just Mike”, so *everyone* can support you.


Hi John,

How can I resist a devoted a fan who says “please?” In caps no less!

Let’s start with this – where exactly did you get the impression that I want to appear “impartial?” Reasonable, sure. I am most assuredly guilty of trying to appear reasonable. But impartial? No way. I’m partial to people who are willing to work hard and master a skill that’s in demand. That’s why my foundation focuses solely on those people. I am, in every way, transparently partial to them.

Surely, as a guy who has “been with me from the beginning,” you must know this. You must also know that I’ve appeared on dozens of wildly divergent shows on every available outlet, and always try to stay in my lane. In other words, I limit my screeds and rants to work-related topics that are relevant to the foundation I run. I do not however, limit myself to one side of the aisle or the other. And really, why would I?

Last night’s appearance on Tucker Carlson flooded my website with scholarship applications. On this page alone, the clip has been shared over 16,000 times, and viewed by over 2 million people in just 14 hours. How does this fail to “further my cause?” Moreover, what is the actual downside? The loss of a few thousand fair weather fans? Give me a break. I’ve raised over $5 million dollars for scholarships by discussing my foundation in this fashion, with a variety of people of all political persuasions. Do you really suppose I’m going to stop doing that because you don’t like to see me in such close proximity to someone on your “naughty” list?

Look, I get that you don’t like Fox, or Tucker, or Hannity, or Charles Koch. I’ve visited your page, and I can understand why you can only take so much of my “cozying up to the right.” What I don’t understand, is your sanctimony. Where were your words of encouragement when I appeared on MSNBC, Meet the Press, NPR, GMA, The Today Show, or Real Time with Bill Maher? Where were your positive comments when I had a weekly show on CNN for the better part of two years? When I appear on liberal platforms, as I often do, why do you never thank me for “cozying up to the Left?”

I welcome your criticism John, sincerely, as well as your advice, but please, spare me the whole, “I’ve been with you from the beginning” routine. If your contempt for Tucker exceeds your fondness for me, then you’re no friend of mine; you’re simply an enemy of Tucker’s. And if you can’t see the difference, then your liberal arrogance is no different from the conservative hubris of my many right wing pals who came here to tell me – even though they “loved” me – that they might have to unlike my page because I popped up on a channel they despise. Like yours, their threats are those of a kidnapper, trying to ransom an item of no value.

Finally, your assumptions are rooted in a fundamental misperception. This person you call, “Just Mike,” – the person you want me to “get back to being,” – is the same person I’ve always been. I haven’t done anything in public that I wasn’t doing ten years ago. I’m still out there, promoting my projects, running a modest foundation, writing silly stories about my schizophrenic dog, and trying to encourage people to learn a skill that’s in demand. Toward that end, I’ll continue to cozy up to whomever I please, even as I invite you to stick around.

And yes, John, there’s still time for you to apply for a work ethic scholarship. But not much…


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